Build confidence, self-respect, and respect for others...and get physically fit while doing so ! TOKAR teaches aspects of Okinawan martial arts to strengthen the body and mind.

Okinawan Tradition


TOKAR Karate has its roots in Okinawan Karate.  Our forms orkatas from Naha-Te, one of the original styles of karate. Our kata footwork is in the form of crescent movements, which provide better balance throughout your movements.  Our physical training is a mixture of strength and endurance.

Internal Power / External Strength


Our kicks are not purely Okinawan style - we utilize a mixture of Tae Kwon Do and Okinawan kicks that have been Americanized.

​Martial arts training teaches economy of force to defend yourself. While studying together you will develop "Ki", the internal power necessary to develop physical strength, as well as strength of character.

Self Defense


The need to apply self defense techniques can occur when you least expect it. One very crucial difference between preparing to win matches and readying ones self for a violent confrontation concerns time. The faster one concludes a real fight the better. There is one rule we must use in real confrontations: win the fight in thirty seconds or less or don't expect to win at all.

TOKAR Karate uses several physical techniques to accomplish this goal. We use vital point striking, pressure point manipulation, joint locks, sweeps and takedowns, etc. We also study the mental aspects of self defense such as situational awareness and de-escalation. We tailor our self defense to the individual's strengths and abilities.



Tournaments can be a fun way to showcase and test your skills and training with others that share a passion for the martial arts. TOKAR has several of its students that compete in various tournaments throughout the year.